Coordinating the Bioeconomy (The Five Cornerstones)

Coordinating the Bioeconomy (The Five Cornerstones)
A truck full of sugar cane crosses farmland in Brazil, a leader in bio-based ethanol production from the crop. (Image: Lalo De Almeida/Contrasto/eyevine )

More than 40 nations1 are proposing to boost their ‘bioeconomy’ …

… the part of the economy based in biology and the biosciences.

Around US$2 trillion of products in agriculture and forestry, food, bioenergy, biotechnology and green chemistry were exported worldwide in 2014, amounting2 to 13% of world trade, up from 10% in 2007. These sectors are central to at least half of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from food security to ensuring energy access and health. But conflicting national priorities make it hard to align bioeconomy policies to meet the SDGs on a global scale.

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